April 5, 2015

Thinking of renting a car in Dubai internationally? Follow these top tips and avoid getting ripped off because not all Car Rental Companies are as honest as Big Daddy Car Rentals.

Do, use local companies like Big Daddy Car Rentals – While the lion’s share of the market is ruled by large Rental Companies, Smaller Independent Offices are now starting to dominate the market. Here’s how – larger chain companies are more focused on sales, targets and profits, the smaller local car rental companies, chooses the customer, and tend to focus more on Customer Service. You as a Customer are more important to them than any sales targets for the month and they tend to provide more friendly personalised services.

Choose the right vehicle: Know what kind of vehicle you want and ask the Car Rental Agent about all the options available and which Model would be best suited to your needs. This will definitely save you money and any disappointments, as at Big Daddy Car Rentals we can recommend the best models, be it a Sedan or an SUV, depending on your requirements.

Don’t book too late: If you’re looking to travel abroad, book your car rental well before embarking on your trip – we recommend at least a week in advance. Trust us, not only will this be cheaper, but you’ll likely be able to get the type of vehicle you want, and are less likely to witness any hidden clauses in on-the-spot contracts, like shifting exchange rates upon arrival.

At Big Daddy Car Rental however this is not a cause for concern as we guarantee that there are no hidden clauses or hidden fees in all our car rental contracts when taking a car from any of our car rental locations. We currently have offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and an office coming up in Qatar soon. It is however recommended you book in advance to have a wide range of cars to choose from as during seasonal demand the car rental industry tends to get very busy.

Know your insurance: A lot of times car rental companies will try to sell you extra insurance covers that you don’t really need. Ask the Car Rental Agent about the excess fee in case of an accident and ask yourself whether it’s a better option to take out CDW (Collision Waiver Damage) insurance or not. Any insurance is better than no insurance.

At Big Daddy Car Rentals we will always tell you the best option for you as we do not sell Insurance or make a profit from extra insurance products. All our cars are fully and comprehensively insured and if you would like extra Insurance we would arrange it for you instantly from one of the big respectable insurance companies for no extra fee.

Don’t forget to ask for rates: If you’re booking online, read the fine print named terms and conditions really carefully before confirming your reservation. If you’re booking over the phone, ask the agent about restrictions. Some of the questions to consider are as follows:
Is there a penalty for no-shows?
Will the company charge an extra fee, for driving more than the allowed number of miles?
What is the latest time allowed to deliver the car?
Most companies charge an extra fee for every day of late delivery. Ask if there are any special rates other than the ones mentioned.

At Big Daddy Car Rental we will always offer you the best and most cost effective option for you as we believe that if we treat our customers with respect and try to save their money effectively – they will in turn recommend us to other customers.

DO inspect the car thoroughly before signing: Most honest car rental companies wouldn’t trouble their customers with a claim unless it was really serious, some see damages as a profit opportunity or a sly way of making a quick buck. Hence it’s really important to give the car a pre-rental inspection. Our advice – take notes on every ding, scratch and dent, no matter how insignificant. Unless of course, you’re the very first person renting that car, you should point out even the slightest dot or scratch. If you own a digital camera or smartphone, you get brownie points for capturing the dents from every angle, it will only take a few minutes, and will capture the time and date.
We recommend you do this with every Car Rental – even from us (although we have never been falsely accused of a claim against anyone for this very purpose – We insist on all hirers to thoroughly inspect the car inside out).

Have an emergency kit: Even if you’re renting a car, make sure to keep it well stocked for any unexpected events that might happen. It’s a good idea to pack helpful items such as a flashlight, extra batteries, your roadside assistance and emergency medical assistance on speed dial in case you get sick or hurt and need to call for emergency when you’re miles away from home.

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